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Good reasons to vote for us:

  • A consistent track record: the Residents' Association has fought since 1934 to protect and enhance the character and amenities of Thames Ditton and Weston Green. Look around ...

  • Our policies concern the future of Thames Ditton and Weston Green, and more widely of Elmbridge Borough and Surrey. They are determined by local needs, and are not dictated by distant party hierarchies in Westminster, nor by the rivalries of party politics.

  • We are an effective organisation with a strong presence - see our record. A vote for us will not be a wasted vote.

  • The Association is for local Residents - all of them. Not just for one political party and its chums, leaving others without representation.

  • We consult Residents, holding regular open meetings every two months. We do not simply turn up on your doorstep two weeks before an election, give you a pamphlet running down competitors, ask for your vote, and disappear until the next elections.

  • The Residents' Association is fully transparent.  We keep Residents informed of proceedings: at open meetings; by delivering Thames Ditton Today (which includes news of local political and administrative issues) to all households; and by maintaining this web site. We organise social events open to all to further maintain contact with Residents. Our sources of funds are entirely transparent.

You could ask yourself:

  • Have you heard from any local parties since the last election? Have they consulted you on local issues? Have they informed you of their work on your behalf? What have they done for Thames Ditton and Weston Green? We are proud of our own record - you can read it on this web site.

  • Whether the political parties are more likely to vote by party whip or by ideology handed down from their national headquarters? The Residents' Association by contrast is concerned with local issues in local elections to local authorities. We are concerned with local services and local good management. We focus on our local environment. 

  • Is the party to which you might give your vote likely to have less or more integrity than the Residents' Association? Are they more, or less, likely to spend your hard-earned money on their political hobby-horses? Or to be more, or less, favourable towards developing Green Belt or selling off land or other assets? We may have frustrated some developers whose projects we felt would reduce amenities or adversely affect the environment or the community - but we hope we have earned your trust in doing so.

Please turn out to vote for the Residents' Association - we do not take office for granted.