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Elmbridge Borough Council


Since the 1930s Thames Ditton & Weston Green Residents' Association has put forward candidates for local Council.  Currently our Association has four Borough Councillors in two of Elmbridge's wards - Thames Ditton ward and Hinchley Wood & Weston Green ward.  Following the electoral boundary changes in 2016, RA coverage in the newly-formed Hinchley Wood & Weston Green ward has been provided jointly by TD & WG RA and Hinchley Wood Residents Association.  Currently all six serving Councillors in the two wards are RA representatives, with both RAs working very closely together.  A third of all Councillors in Elmbridge are elected each year.

Why vote Residents' Association?

For this election we hope to have your support.  If you're unfamiliar with the Residents' Association, here's what puts RAs ahead of other parties:

+  Residents' Councillors are independent of national political party agendas and truly represent those who elect them.

+  They live locally and work solely for their communities' interests, putting residents at the heart of everything they do.

+  They are hard-working and effective councillors - they get things done.

+  They fight to protect our precious Green Belt.

+  The RA keeps in contact with you through regular open meetings, dedicated website, Twitter and quarterly magazine.

+  In Elmbridge, RAs work together in the Residents Group that leads the Council* effectively and efficiently.

*Despite claims in some election literature, the Residents Group is the largest in Council, and leads it in coalition with the Lib. Dems. and Independents. 
Go to: to see other spurious election claims debunked.

On 5th May  -  vote Residents' Association to keep residents first in Elmbridge


The Residents' Candidate for Thames Ditton Ward

Caroline James  -  ELECTEDCaroline website

I was proud to be elected in 2018 as a Councillor for Thames Ditton and East Molesey. It carries a great deal of responsibility, which all RA Councillors take very seriously. We work with the conviction that local matters are best dealt with by local people, making decisions on merit rather than party agenda.
I have a particular interest in planning, and serve on two Planning Committees in Council, ensuring that applications are properly scrutinised and strongly challenged if deemed inappropriate or poor quality. But I also assist, and guide residents through the complexities of the planning system.

My work is not all in committees though. It is also in helping residents resolve issues which are often causing them a great deal of distress. Councillors can really make a difference here - it makes my role hugely rewarding.

My family and I live in the centre of Thames Ditton, although I commute to London three days a week. You will find me on the platform, or in the queue for the bakery, or in my husband's antique shop in East Molesey at weekends. It has been great to meet more residents from that part of the ward over the last few years.

TDWGRA Councillors work with residents to maintain our vibrant community. I listen, but I'm not afraid of speaking out when I can make a difference. I want to continue that work, and hope to have your support on 5th May.

Click here to download our manifesto for Thames Ditton ward

The Residents' Candidate for Hinchley Wood & Weston Green Ward

James Crawshaw  -  ELECTEDJames for website

After moving to Hinchley Wood in 2006 I became a road representative for our local Residents Association. This gave me the opportunity to get to know my neighbours better and become more informed of local affairs. I’ve never harboured ambitions to enter politics, but I have known Nigel Haig-Brown for many years, so when he decided to stand down, after two four-year terms as borough Councillor, I offered to stand in his place.

You might wonder what importance Elmbridge Borough Council has in your lives. Since it looks after planning permission, refuse collection, the local environment, recreational facilities and services for the elderly and vulnerable, it really has an outsized impact on your wellbeing.

That is why you should consider the Residents’ Associations on election day, or before if you receive a postal vote. Local matters are best decided by local people, not apparatchiks controlled by national party headquarters. Residents’ Association Councillors are free of party politics and act in your interests. In our ward, they have done so honestly and reliably for nearly 90 years.

So please make your vote count on 5th May. Local politics do matter. And local people are the best placed to represent you.

James is promoted jointly by Thames Ditton & Weston Green RA and Hinchley Wood RA
under the banner, Hinchley Wood & Weston Green Residents' Associations.

Click here to download our manifesto for Hinchley Wood & Weston Green ward

Click here to go to the Hinchley Wood & Weston Green Residents' Associations' website

Voter Information

If you are not already on the electoral register, then to vote on 5th May you must register by midnight on Thursday 14th April.  You can register online, or request a paper registration form to be sent to you. 
Go to:

Postal Voting
If you wish to switch to postal voting, you must submit an application by 5pm on Tuesday 19th April. Note that if you have voted by post in a previous election, your postal-vote registration will still be current (unless you had chosen a one-time postal vote only) and postal ballot papers will be sent to you.

Voting at a Polling Station
On 5th May you can vote only at your designated polling station - shown on your poll card.
Go to: to download a list of the polling stations in Elmbridge.  If you are unsure where you should vote, email:, indicating your address.
Polling stations will be open 7am-10pm. 

Please visit: for further election information.