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General => Crime & policing => Topic started by: Admin on November 04, 2011, 07:49:29 AM

Title: Neighbourhood Police
Post by: Admin on November 04, 2011, 07:49:29 AM
Next 'Meet the Beat' occasions held in Thames Ditton or Weston Green:

Thames Ditton Library, Mercer Close, Saturday 12th November 15.30 - 17.00

Ashley Road Car Park, Ashley Road, Thames Ditton  Friday 25th November 19.00 - 20.00

Next neighbourhood police panel meeting for TD & WG just before our Open Meeting of 31 January 2012.

Title: Neighbourhood Police
Post by: Admin on December 31, 2011, 11:02:14 AM
Future 'Meet the Beat' sessions at The Dittons Library, Mercer Close, Thames Ditton

Saturday 18th February 2012
Saturday 17th March 2012
Saturday 28th April 2012
Saturday 26th May 2012
Saturday 23rd June 2012

The use of the Library as a community hub in this way is a good thing (and helps to bolster the Library's case against future cuts as well as providing a useful service).

Naomi Sharman has become familiar with our streets after replacing Richard Platt as one of our PCSOs for the Dittons and Hinchley Wood.  Naomi comes to us from Cheshire where she was a community social worker before retraining and seeking a neighbourhood job in these parts.

Andy Roy has been (acting) Sergeant for the neighbourhood team (Dittons and Hinchley Wood plus East Molesey and Weston Green, Esher and Claygate) since the departure of Sgt. Greg Turner to another post with the Elmbridge neighbourhood support team.  I must say that I thought Greg was an outstanding neighbourhood sergeant for our community (see Thames Ditton Today Spring 2010).  

The latest news is that the equally good Andy Grapsas, who was PC for the Dittons and Hinchley Wood for several years before being posted to Woking on passing his sergeants' exams in 2010, has been successful in applying for our Neighbourhood sergeant's job and will shortly arrive back here.  He loves the area, which of course he knows like the back of his hand.  Again (and speaking as one who often found his own former government department's posting strategy almost random  :) ) this is remarkably consistent and intelligent of Surrey Police's HR Dept !  Welcome back, Andy.

Title: Re: Neighbourhood Police
Post by: Keith on March 03, 2012, 02:58:12 PM "Private security firms could investigate some crimes and patrol neighbourhoods under plans being drawn up for police in England and Wales. The West Midlands and Surrey forces have invited bids for contracts from private firms, on behalf of all forces."


Title: Re: Neighbourhood Police
Post by: Admin on March 06, 2012, 11:11:34 AM
"A 'contract notice' appeared over the weekend of Surrey Police and West Midlands Police tendering to get the private sector to do some services.  The document listed police activities including investigating crime and patrolling neighbourhoods but said it was for each force to decide which to include in any contract.

Surrey Police chief constable Lynne Owens has issued a statement denying private sector staff would do either of these.  She said: "Any suggestion that a private sector company will patrol the streets of Surrey is simply nonsense. It would be no more acceptable to the public than it would be to me."

Title: Re: Neighbourhood Police
Post by: Keith on March 23, 2012, 09:23:45 AM
There's been a lot of crime where stuff's been stolen from sheds.  Surrey Police are trying to raise your awareness and get you to take useful preventative measures.  Link is here. (

For sheds, include garages.


There's a lot that goes on in sheds.  I arrived at my first foreign posting years ago to learn that a previous Defence Attache had lately been sent home from that Iron Curtain post because his wife had been bonking her Polish landlord in the shed on his allotment.  When reprimanded by the then Head of Chancery for bringing the British Embassy into disrepute, she drew herself up haughtily and replied with scorn "But I am French"  [you must imagine ze accent too]

Needless to say, that story spread like wildfire through The Service.

Title: Re: Neighbourhood Police
Post by: Admin on August 22, 2012, 02:53:31 PM
Upcoming meet-the-beat rendezvous are here:

Title: Re: Neighbourhood Police
Post by: Keith on September 25, 2012, 11:21:51 AM
Police Panel meeting with all interested residents tonight at 20.00 at the VF Hall.  PCs katie Kennedy (for Dittons and Hinchley Wood) and Pete Bazley (for Weston Green & Molesey) will be there to give a round-up of the quarter's murky events and seek residents' views on priorities for the coming quarter.

Followed immediately by RA Open Meeting.  

Title: Re: Neighbourhood Police
Post by: Admin on September 25, 2012, 11:51:15 AM
Also, just received:
"Weather permitting, PCSO Nigel Oates will be holding a bike marking event on Sat 6th October at Manny's, Fleece Road, Long Ditton, from midday until 2pm.

If you would like your bicycle to be security marked free of charge, please bring it along and Nigel will be pleased to help. Please feel free to pass this message onto neighbours and other interested parties. "

Title: Re: Neighbourhood Police
Post by: Admin on September 28, 2012, 03:44:55 PM
Salient points from the Neighbourhood Police Panel last Tuesday:

- several burglaries in TD with rear doors, garage doors prised open and in one case thieves put a wheeliebin under a window to help them climb in.  Electrical & other goods stolen.

- Of a score of thefts of and from cars, ONLY ONE CAR HAD BEEN LEFT LOCKED BY THE OWNER  [[ sigh - how often do we have to say this??]]

- thefts by teams of two on motorbikes continued to be a major target of police activity; some serious incidents like the one on Ember Lane were of this type; if suspect pairs seen on motorbikes please report immediately to police

- continuing problems with cycle thefts, some of high value bikes seemingly to order, serial nos. filed off, disposed of elsewhere, probably cross-border criminals from the met area.  TD particularly targeted.  Lock your bike, get it marked.

- reports by nearby residents of antisocial behaviour/druggies  on the green area behind Raphael Drive had not been borne out by police monitoring.

- reports by residents of speeding down the High St had not been borne out by police monitoring

- Albany Reach had been much better this year (Weston Green councillors noted that the camping fishermen problems seem to have migrated to the Ember!)

Two residents raised the issue of the increasing frequency of casual thefts of building materials (e.g. York stone) & garden ornaments of value etc. and the team agreed to make a more thorough investigation one of the priorities for the upcoming quarter.  Vans were randomly stopped etc.
The team will also, as usual, switch attention from the green areas that attract antisocial behaviour in the summer months to the urban areas e.g. High St, Station Rd, station itself, and Weston Green Rd, that seem to attract more malefactors in the dark winter months.

Title: Re: Neighbourhood Police
Post by: Admin on September 29, 2012, 08:19:23 AM
I should add that PC Kennedy warned that there had been a number of thefts from cars in car parks lately.  She mentioned the small car park by the church hall (Summer Rd).

Indeed, this week there was another incident on Thursday afternoon at Colets, where I gather that a couple of youths on bicycles were suspected by staff of robbing at least one car then disappearing up the paths behind the cemetery.

Title: Re: Neighbourhood Police
Post by: Cuboid on September 29, 2012, 09:03:33 PM
Colets car park targeted again this afternoon. Another car robbed. This is quickly becoming a crime hotspot. Would seriously advise against parking there until these scum are banged up with playstations, iPads & away days to keep them occupied.

Title: Re: Neighbourhood Police
Post by: Keith on September 30, 2012, 09:51:44 AM
There is, I believe, CCTV coverage of at least part of Colets car park (for the interest of those who follow that subject).

Title: Re: Neighbourhood Police
Post by: Admin on February 08, 2013, 01:56:00 PM
PC Katie Kennedy (Dittons & Hinchley Wood Neighbourhood team is moving to Esher and Claygate. Katie  is replaced by PC Ian Madelin 40335 who rejoins the team after spending a number of months with the Investigation Team. Ian has worked with a number of Neighbourhood Teams within Elmbridge  including Hersham and Walton. 

Good luck Katie.

Title: Re: Neighbourhood Police
Post by: Admin on February 15, 2013, 10:48:20 AM
Pickpocketing surge:

Police report shoppers at supermarkets in Cobham, Esher and Weybridge had their purses stolen from their shopping bags. In the majority of these incidents, their shopping bags were hanging on the back of their shopping trolleys.

Title: Re: Neighbourhood Police
Post by: Admin on February 19, 2013, 09:34:20 AM
Neighbourhood police communication from PC Ian Madelin:
A number of incidents have been reported to Surrey Police whereby materials have been stolen from churches, building sites and other developments in the Dittons and Hinchley Wood and this concerns us greatly.

Patrols have been increased with pro-active enforcement and crime prevention measures considered and this will be continually reviewed by our team of officers.

Parish wardens and volunteers are encouraged to register with our free 'Country Watch' scheme to receive materials and up to date advice on crime prevention strategies.

Builders and site managers are strongly advised to register with our free 'Builders Watch' scheme to receive materials and up to date advice on crime prevention strategies.

Information is required in order to support our both our investigations and pro-active enforcement as this will help police to identify and speak to individuals concerned.

Residents are advised to report suspicious activity at churches, building sites and other development locations using the non-emergency telephone number 101.

I will take responsibility for coordinating the investigation, crime prevention and pro-active enforcement efforts.

I have increased patrols and will visit churches, building sites and other developments in the Dittons and Hinchley Wood to gather more information and deliver crime prevention advice, however it is important that neighbours and residents remain vigilant and continue to report incidents and related information.

Title: Re: Neighbourhood Police
Post by: Admin on March 03, 2013, 05:49:41 PM
Irresponsible parking around schools at drop-off and pick-up times continues to be a problem in some areas.  Lately, Hinchley Wood School where police have been patrolling:

Patrols have continued in the area and offenders have been given advice and warnings about inconsiderate parking. Over twenty vehicles have received advice and warnings so far and their registration numbers noted for determination of any repeat offending. 

Joint patrols with Elmbridge Borough Council Parking Enforcement are being arranged and this will enable police to deal with all offences.

The schools have been very supportive and will be informing parents of their social and legal responsibilities.

PC Madelin wishes to thank those parents who park considerately and responsibly -  the majority of parents do so, their contribution to the safety of pupils and traffic flow is very much appreciated.

Title: Re: Neighbourhood Police
Post by: Admin on May 02, 2013, 04:51:44 PM
What do you make of this?:

Title: Re: Neighbourhood Police
Post by: mg on May 02, 2013, 07:35:24 PM
Speedy response from local police

Title: Re: Neighbourhood Police
Post by: Admin on May 20, 2013, 06:49:51 PM
Yet another theft of York stone earlier today where two high quality York stone paving slabs were lifted and stolen from a drive-way off Giggs Hill Road at 10.50 am

This followed a similar pattern to the theft last year from 1 Lime Grove (corner of watts Rd and Station Rd / High St): three males in an older white Ford Transit or similar seen reversing onto the drive-way of a large residential property. The males were seen loading the two heavy slabs into the rear of the vehicle before leaving the location heading off towards Watts Road and the High Street.

Police have conducted house to house enquiries and information is required - please contact PC Ian MADELIN . Any suspicious incidents including anything related to the above should be reported to the police on 101 quoting reference EL/13/3194.

Title: Re: Neighbourhood Police
Post by: Admin on May 23, 2013, 01:43:33 PM
PC Madelin reports:
"Police in Elmbridge carried out speed enforcement on Wednesday 22nd May 2013 aimed at targeting and educating motorists driving in an anti-social manner in Hinchley Wood, Thames Ditton and Long Ditton.

The latest activity is part of our response to concerns by the residents of Hinchley Wood, Thames Ditton and Long Ditton of vehicles travelling in excess of the speed limit. The action was also part of the ongoing DriveSMART campaign by Surrey Police and Surrey County Council to target motorists who drive anti-socially on the county’s roads.

Speed enforcement was conducted along Manor Road North, Sugden Road and the A307 Portsmouth Road. Police reported three drivers for speeding, issued a warning to one driver for speeding, issued process for three traffic related offences and gave words of advice to a number of motorists about issues including failing to wear a seatbelt and excess speed.

The majority of motorists encountered were driving at or below the speed limit and a lot of the work we are doing is reminding all motorists driving through the area that we expect them to do so in a responsible and considerate manner.

PC Ian Madelin is keen to set up further Community Speedwatch schemes with residents to help monitor vehicle speeds along these roads in the future and anyone interested in volunteering should call Surrey Police on 101 or email us at:

Title: Re: Neighbourhood Police
Post by: craigvmax on May 23, 2013, 03:43:11 PM
This is a good initiative, another major problem is inappropriate use of speed and lack of understanding of what happens when something goes wrong.

For example, I frequently follow cars down the A3, they will sit in the outside lane at 45mph, they then turn off towards TD on the bypass towards Hinchley Wood and again block the outside lane at about 45mph even when the left lane is clear (presumably because they want to turn right towards Hinchley Wood school at the roundabout half a mile ahead)

They then turn off towards Hinchley Wood but still travel at 40-45mph which they proceed to do through the whole built up area slamming their brakes on sporadically when someone comes the other way.

They probably believe they are incredibly safe drivers despite causing large build ups on the bigger roads and driving far too quickly on the smaller ones.

40mph doesnt feel quick at all, hitting something and coming to an immediate stop at that speed however is incredibly violent which most people don't realise.

Title: Re: Neighbourhood Police
Post by: craigvmax on May 23, 2013, 05:12:45 PM
oh and to add, if you ever overtake these people on the kingston bypass they are invariably glued to your bumper by the time you get to a built up area

Title: Re: Neighbourhood Police
Post by: Admin on January 06, 2014, 12:47:25 PM
Police tell us:
PCSO Toni Rowland is the new Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) for the Thames Ditton and Hinchley Wood Neighbourhood. 
Toni has taken over this role from PCSO Nigel Oates who has moved across to work as a PCSO in the Esher and West End area - we wish him all the very best in his new posting. Before being assigned to your Neighbourhood, Toni was a PCSO covering the South Walton and Ambleside area. 

Besides Toni, the Thames Ditton and Hinchley Wood Safer Neighbourhood Team includes Neighbourhood Specialist Officers, PC Ian Madelin 40335 and PC Sharon Taylor 40430 as well as PCSO Justin Jones 11732. 


Comment: others tell me that under the Police Commissioner, Surrey's neighbourhood PCSOs are being cut to the tune of at least 60 officers.  A pity I think - the Neighbourhood policing system works very well with the PCSOs doing much essential eyes, ears and education work on the beat and full PC's and teams whistled up when needed to cope with crime in progress.

Title: Re: Neighbourhood Police
Post by: Admin on August 20, 2014, 06:07:28 PM
"Dear Elmbridge Resident Association contacts

Invitation to Elmbridge Crime Summit

As Surrey’s Police and Crime Commissioner, it is vital that I hear from the people I serve to ensure I succeed in my role. Over the last twelve months, I have held a series of Crime Summits across the county to give the public the opportunity to have a greater say in policing. These events were very successful – in total, nearly 1000 people attended to share their views on crime and policing in their local area. 

I am pleased to invite you to the second Elmbridge Crime Summit. This event will bring together local partners, including Elmbridge Borough Council, Surrey Police, Surrey County Council and my Office. This is a chance for you to hear what we’ve been doing over the last twelve months to address the local issues that you have told us about, learn more about community safety work in your local area and discuss how we can work together to make Surrey an even safer place to live and work. The Summit will be two hours long and refreshments will be provided. 

The Elmbridge Crime Summit will take place on Thursday 18 September 2014 in the Council Chamber at Elmbridge Borough Council, Esher. The event starts at 6:30pm, with refreshments available from 6pm. 

Space is limited at these events and attendance is by registration only, so please do let us know early if you would like to take part. You can register to attend the event in a number of ways. The easiest way is to register online at You can also contact my office. Please feel free to pass this invitation on to anyone else that you think may be interested in attending the event – it is open to all. 

I look forward to seeing you there.   

Yours sincerely

Kevin Hurley

Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey"

If you go, you might want to ask him why he's cut the highly effective and cheap PSCOs.  (As a former Met policeman, he will reply that it is in order to fund a much smaller number of regular full PCs and that this is what the public wants - although I am unaware that the public has been asked in any systematic way.)

Title: Re: Neighbourhood Police
Post by: Admin on October 28, 2014, 12:21:40 PM
There will be a Neighbourhood Police Panel for TD & WG immediately before our Open Meeting on Tuesday 11 November, at the Vera Fletcher Hall.  8 pm.  This is a welcome resumption of panel meetings synchronised to take advantage of the more substantial numbers that attend Open Meetings.  The team deserves our support and engagement.

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