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General => General Discussion => Topic started by: Emberman on July 13, 2014, 12:20:41 PM


Title: Dominic Raab MP calls public sector strikes 'licensed sabotage'
Post by: Emberman on July 13, 2014, 12:20:41 PM
Please see the question below by Dominic Raab our MP. 

Thursday, 10 July, 2014
Esher & Walton MP Dominic Raab called for an end to "licensed sabotage" ahead of today's public sector worker strikes.

Dominic asked a question of David Cameron at Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday July 10th.
He said: "Britain faces damage and disruption from strikes, none backed by a majority of union members.
Dominic Raab told the Commons that Labour had received £30million from trades unions since Ed Miliband became leader, and would not stand up for the public against strikes.
He added: "We're on the side of the public who by of three to one back a voting threshold to stop this licensed sabotage."
The Prime Minister responded saying the Conservatives will have a manifesto commitment over strike ballots at the next election in 2015. He said it was "time to legislate" over industrial action being called without support of the majority of members.

But to hear the other side of this:

The head of Unison, talking to the BBC:

If anyone wonders why local council workers are striking today:
"When Cameron brought in the two-year pay freeze, our local government workers, our members, had already had a one-year pay freeze.
"So they've had a three-year pay freeze and then a 1% increase when inflation has gone up by something like 20%"

Yet the Surrey county council conservative councillors awarded themselves massive allowance rises of up to 60%.  County cabinet members have also claimed just under £95k in expenses. This is on top of more than £970,000 in allowances in the last four years.   

The pay rises push the council’s allowance budget over £1.5 million per year for the first time.

The biggest earner over that period has been council leader David Hodge, who announced that he would be bumping up allowances beyond the recommendations of an Independent Remuneration Panel at a meeting of the full council in May.  Most of the expenses were travel and subsistence.

The Surrey Tory councillors' self-awarded 60% increase would seem to contradict Raab's view that council workers shouldn't strike (and by extension should accept a 1% pay increase) ? 

Comments welcome !

Title: Dominic Raab Voted very strongly against slowing the rise in rail fares
Post by: Emberman on August 08, 2014, 01:34:20 PM
The website on the link below shows that Dominic Raab Voted very strongly against slowing the rise in rail fares,

voted against capping rail fare increases,
voted against capping annual rail fair increases at 1% above inflation and not to ban increases in excess of that limit.
voted against reducing public transport fares, and against reducing VAT on fuel to help motorists and boost the economy.
voted to allow individual rail fares to be increased by more than the amount of the Government's cap on average increases.

Why?  In a constituency that largely relies on an efficient and cost-effective transport system to support the local economy you would expect the MP to support his constituents. 


Title: Dominic Raab MP
Post by: Emberman on September 09, 2014, 05:30:06 PM
The bedroom tax targets the most vulnerable people in our country. It forces people to move or pay more rent if they have a “spare” room, even if there aren’t any other homes to go to. It’s left some on the brink of losing their homes, and forced others into debt. [2]

Last week, 38 Degrees members asked MPs to vote for a new law that’d scrap some of the worst parts of this unfair tax. The good news is that the vote went the right way. The bad news is that your MP, Dominic Raab, didn’t support the new law. [3]

But we need to win several more votes before these vital changes kick in. An email from you now, asking him to vote for the law next time, will show Dominic Raab that you’re not giving up. You’ll be one of many people in your area leaving Dominic Raab in no doubt that you want him to fight the bedroom tax.

Some MPs may have made up their minds about what to do next, but others will be hesitating over their next move. Hundreds of emails from us could tip the balance. It’s easy to email your MP, Dominic Raab, here:

By sending hundreds of emails, 38 Degrees members have already persuaded scores of other MPs to vote for this new law. People power is working. Here’s what some MPs have been saying about the impact 38 Degrees members had on their decision:

“I have re-organised my constituency diary and intend to attend this important debate in Parliament tomorrow.” Louise Ellman MP

“I have listened long and hard to your good self and many others who hate this disgraceful tax. I am happy to tell you that I am going to attend, and, hopefully, speak in the debate, and support the motion.” David Anderson MP

It'll take several further votes before these changes to the bedroom tax are written into law. Together, we need to keep up the pressure on Dominic Raab to put principles before politics.

So can you take two minutes to email your MP now to ask him to vote for vital changes to the bedroom tax?

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