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General => General Discussion => Topic started by: perleman on August 19, 2013, 02:58:18 PM


Title: More flooding
Post by: perleman on August 19, 2013, 02:58:18 PM
Hi, I posted a question on this earlier this year but circs are different now.

We just got searches back for a house in Hayward Road (just off Giggs Hill Green, to the SW) that we want to buy and the flood risks look quite bad -

Flood Risk from rivers and/or tidal sources = moderate = 0.5% - 1.3% risk per year = once every 77-200 years

Groundwater Flooding Susceptibility Areas = very high

JBA Consultants assessment of surface water (pluvial) flood risk within 25m of the centre of the site = Significant = once every 75 years

What's the view from residents of this - head is getting quite worried by it even though the %ages aren't that high.  Main concern is all this talk about rising sea levels, climate change, the incredible wet periods we seem to have from time to time - I'd hate to put all our money into our home & 10-20 years down the line find it's value eroded ... am I overreacting or being a bit hysterical!? 

Title: Re: More flooding
Post by: craigvmax on August 19, 2013, 03:14:30 PM
It's right to be sensible and cautious yes. However, In an area such as Thames Ditton and especially by the Green, I wouldnt personally be concerned with flooding or erosion of value.

You could buy somewhere else that has zero flooding risk and find they build a power station or start fracking right next to you.

Be sensible and buy the house you like in an area you think you'll be happy in, best of luck.

(all in my humble opinion of course!)

Title: Re: More flooding
Post by: perleman on August 19, 2013, 03:19:28 PM
Could you expand on the first bit of your response a little?  The area, and house make it our dream home.

Title: Re: More flooding
Post by: craigvmax on August 19, 2013, 03:45:47 PM
TD is effectively the first village outside London, (taking aside the great pubs, restaurants, shops because they, whilst unlikely, could change in next 20 years) , proximity to Hampton Court Palace, it has rail links, is near the airports, M25, M3, M4 and A3, has good schools, masses of green space, plus the river and proximity to sporting venues like Sandown, Twickenham etc etc, is also near to Kingston and Esher for shopping,  all of which will make it a desirable place to live especially as SW London gets more congested and people move out, that should all contribute to maintain robust house prices in the area.

As far as flooding, I dont know the stats for Giggs Hill Green flooding but with decent insurance it wouldnt trouble me. But I do live on the island!

Title: Re: More flooding
Post by: mg on August 19, 2013, 04:23:04 PM
I live on Station Road and have never worried about River Flooding but we do get road flooding when it rains very heavily.  Station Road has been "river like" due to the inability of road drains to take all rain water.  Actually this seems to happen all over the place now though - roads just can't cope with the heavy rain we seem to get.  The rainwater has never reached my house though and it is quite funny to watch people trying to drive through it.  The water always drains away eventually.  We did have the "once in a life time" major pipe burst in the road near the BR station and awoke to major flooding in the village - but even that did not reach into my house. 

In my own opinion (and that is all it is) I agree with Craig - you can get problems anywhere.  We love living here in TD.  Close to BR station, quick trip into London.  Near to big shops in Kingston, Surrey countryside, good schools, Garson's Farm, lots of golf facilities, Hampton Court, great tennis club, Collets sports club with big swimming pool etc etc. 

Anyway, hope you make the a choice that you are happy with.

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