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Planning Issues => Planning guidelines & general issues => Topic started by: Leafy on May 03, 2013, 12:14:30 PM

Post by: Leafy on May 03, 2013, 12:14:30 PM
The need for a response by residents (detailed below should be underlined with a request that the built environment priorities of the DMP & SIDP are balanced with updated assessment and metrics for the natural environment.

References in the DMP to "future Greenspace Strategy" (DM6 Nature Conservation & Biodiversity) and "future Tree & Landscape Strategy" (DM 20 Landscape & Trees) reveal that this area of study and proposition has not benefitted from the same focus and urgency as the 'housing capacity study' that forms the basis of the DMP & SIDP. In fact the brief (30 page including Historic Environment) Environmental Audit July 2005 that is part of the Evidence Base detailed at is (with the exception of the 2001Census) is the oldest document informing what will become future EBC policies ! Similarly, a Green Infrastructure map as part of the Core Strategy at CS14 on page 54 of  describes a summary for the whole borough that can be read clearly even though it is no bigger than the size of your hand !

At the Consultation event at Thames Ditton Library on 17th April, Mark Behrendts, Senior Planner at EBC said that the evolution of this aspect would be dependent on the consultation revealing "demonstrable support from residents"

I would suggest that anyone participating in the consultation who is keen that EBC balance policies for development across built and natural environments adds a request for the URGENT REVIEW OF THESE DOCUMENTS as part of the DMP & SIDP revision.

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