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I’d like to offer a huge thanks to all of you for continuing to support the East Elmbridge Foodbank by donating food and other essentials – this is being delivered directly to those in our community who are really struggling due to the Covid-19 crisis. Even though the lockdown is gradually easing, with more shops and businesses opening and some schools potentially opening from June, the demand from those in difficulties in our community is set to continue for many months, so please do keep your donations coming if you can. Your contribution, however small, is making a big difference to those in need – you are literally putting food on the tables of those who currently cannot afford to buy their own groceries.

Due to the economic challenges triggered by the Covid-19 health crisis, the East Elmbridge Foodbank has seen a four-fold increase in demand from people who have suddenly found themselves with no income and who are awaiting government support. Some have got into serious debt. Over 100 families are now turning to the Foodbank and this week, in our area, those seeking assistance include 25 single people, 15 couples, 37 families of which 12 are large families. There are about the same number in the Molesey area. The large families are mainly new to the Foodbank – most were financially secure before the virus struck – but their reduced circumstances are now forcing them to seek support. People of all ages, from all backgrounds, who have all exhausted their savings are now in need of help.

I am frequently asked what kinds of food/essentials are most required. The answer is everything people shop for normally although the Foodbank is currently looking for more donations of tinned fruit, rice pudding, custard, peanut butter, jam and washing machine tablets/capsules (preferred over loose powder as they can be split into smaller amounts).

Thank you again on behalf of the TD&WGRA and Thames Ditton Farmers’ Market team for donating to the East Elmbridge Foodbank. The Thames Ditton community is providing a lifeline to those living among us who are struggling financially because of the Covid-19 crisis and I cannot stress enough how appreciative East Elmbridge Foodbank is of your contributions. Please continue with your support, to help those living among us who are struggling, through no fault of their own. Your kindness is making a huge difference. 

Tricia W. Bland
Organiser Thames Ditton Street Communities & RA/TDFM Foodbank Collections

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