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Milbourne Pond 2023 after cut back

Residents help to cut back the excessive vegetation around Milbourne Pond in Weston Green. 

Last Sunday morning, 22 October, following a rain delay the day before, many residents turned out for the RA-organised cut-back of the vegetation around Milbourne Pond.  This was last done in 2021, but since then the brambles and pussy willow have grown back vigorously, especially during the past Summer, and were limiting accessibility to the area. 

We are grateful to all those, adults and children, for their efforts in making the area more available for all to enjoy.  Some of the volunteers attacking the brambles will have returned home battle-scarred after they fought back, but everyone made an excellent job of opening up the area, leaving some huge piles of cuttings for the council to clear away.  They certainly earned their refreshments that were provided at the end of the session.

Milbourne Pond cut back 2023