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Below is the Residents' Association's letter to South Western Railway in regard to the consultation on their proposed timetable changes.  


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First MTR South Western Trains Limited 
25 Chapel Street
22 December 2017
Dear Sirs,
Timetable Consultation
I write in my capacity as Hon. Secretary of the Thames Ditton & Weston Green Residents’ Association. Our Residents' Association founded in 1934, acts for all those who live or work in the Elmbridge borough ward of Thames Ditton and the former ward of Weston Green (as it was until May 2016). We represent over 1,100 subscribing households and approximately 2,360 members.
We write in response to your consultation regarding proposed changes to the SWR timetable in December 2018. The Residents’ Association consulted residents regarding the proposed changes. Residents in our area mainly commute from Thames Ditton Station, Hampton Court Station and Esher Station. In this response, we mainly focus on the two stations on the Hampton Court branch.  
An overwhelming majority of residents expressed the wish to make improvements to the proposed timetable, in addition to some improvements to the services already offered in the early and late hours.  We appreciate that the proposed timetable amendment is a complex exercise, and the Hampton Court branch must of course not be seen in isolation.  
Generally, the feedback from residents is that the half hourly service to Thames Ditton and Hampton Court is sufficient to serve the needs of residents during off-peak hours.  However, for those travelling during peak times, residents expressed the wish to introduce additional services calling at Surbiton only and then to run fast to and from London Waterloo.  We feel that the number of people commuting from Hampton Court and Thames Ditton would justify such service. It would also allow additional relief for Surbiton Station.
More specifically, we have the following comments:
Morning peak
The morning commute from Thames Ditton and Hampton Court to London Waterloo during peak hours looks overall positive. The half hourly service has been retained, and the timing of services from Hampton Court and Thames Ditton allow convenient changing into fast services from Surbiton non-stop to Waterloo. As mentioned above, commuters consulted by the Residents’ Association overwhelmingly expressed the wish to introduce fast services calling at Hampton Court, Thames Ditton, Surbiton and then non-stop to Waterloo.  We note that the Guildford via Cobham line provides for fast services during morning peak hours, and we would urge SWR to consider introducing the same to the Hampton Court branch.
Afternoon/Evening peak 
Residents consulted by the Residents’ Association raised more concerns regarding the afternoon and evening peak commute from London Waterloo to Thames Ditton and Hampton Court. The connections from fast services to Surbiton to the stopping services to Thames Ditton and Hampton Court often do not work and do not provide a faster commute for many. The proposed timetable revision also results in the withdrawal of the current 19:23 fast service from Waterloo to Surbiton, Thames Ditton and Hampton Court. This fast service has been warmly received by commuters since its introduction, and it would be very unfortunate to see it go. In addition, similar to the morning peak, commuters would appreciate 2-3 fast services in the afternoon and evening peak.
We trust that SWR will take the views from residents into account and will consider making improvements to the timetable by the retention and introduction of additional fast services during peak times. 
Yours sincerely,
Florian Traub
Hon. Secretary