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Save Our Buses – The Fight Continues   

Despite delivering a petition to Surrey County Council signed by over 2,100 Thames Ditton and Weston Green residents protesting at the proposed cuts to the 514, 515 and 458 from 31 December when Abellio ceases to run these services; SCC have now advised that there will be a 50% reduction in buses for Thames Ditton and Weston Green from that date.

This will prove devastating to the whole community, especially the elderly and those with disabilities who have no alternative forms of transport. There are also those who rely on the buses to take them to work, schools and colleges, doctors’ surgeries and hospitals.

The Residents’ Association is concerned by the drastic reduction in the number and frequency of buses from Thames Ditton to Surbiton. The current total from Thames Ditton to Surbiton connecting buses (514 and 515) is 26, each way, Monday to Friday, 21 on Saturday, and 11 on Sunday. Under the new arrangements, the 514 is being withdrawn and the 515 will no longer stop at Surbiton. From 31 December the only bus service from Thames Ditton to Surbiton will be the 513, operated by Cardinal Buses, providing one outward journey from Thames Ditton and two return journeys, allowing shoppers to have either a 40 minute stay or a 2hr 50 minute stay in Surbiton, Monday to Friday only, with no service on Saturday or Sunday. This is woefully inadequate and could have serious consequences for many in the community for whom a bus service from Thames Ditton to Surbiton is a lifeline, helping to maintain their independence.

In addition to the hardship and suffering these cuts in bus services will inevitably cause many of those who live in our villages, they contradict SCC’s pledge to foster a more environmentally friendly County. More and more residential and business planning applications without off-street parking are being given the green light with the reasoning we should be encouraging people to use public transport. This means SCC should be investing in bus services, not cutting them.

Your Residents' Association Councillors will continue to press Surrey County Council to improve this inadequate bus service to a level that our residents have a right to expect.

Further information:  'Changes to Local Bus Services' is available on buses, and at County Hall and local libraries. The new bus timetables can also be found at:

Cllr Tricia W. Bland