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Horse chestnut tree outside Sextons LR

Council felling of the large horse chestnut tree in Weston Green 

RA Councillor Gill Coates has informed us of what's behind the felling of this prominent tree:

Weston Green residents may have noticed the disappearance of the large horse chestnut tree that stood outside Sexton's pub.

Unfortunately a large branch recently dropped off the tree and when the Council's Countryside Officer and Tree Officer inspected it they found significant rot in the crown where rainwater had been pooling for some time. They decided it posed a significant health and safety risk so it was regretfully removed.

Losing a local landmark tree is always a tragedy, but the intention is to grind out the stump and plant a new feature tree this growing season, to replace the horse chestnut. Their suggestion is to plant a disease-resistant elm. So many elms were lost to Dutch Elm Disease in the 1970s and 80s that they have almost been forgotten, but elms are beautiful trees and these new disease-resistant varieties have the potential to grow into impressive local features which will become hosts to countless other wildlife species including birds and rare butterflies.