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Save Our Green Belt before it is too late- Consultation Response By 24.2.17

7 years 2 months ago #363 by Juninho
Absolutely brilliant! Great post cdsmns

And thanks for the timely reminder - looks like I only have a few days before the 24th!
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7 years 3 months ago #360 by cdsmns
Fellow residents of Thames Dittton lend me your ear,
There’s a local plan proposal that we are beginning to fear
The last thing we want is to remove our green lung,
As England’s green and pleasant land is so proudly sung,

We are all for more houses to support housing demand,
But not instead of green belt when brownfield and other options could command,
The Consultation post preferred option has been done back to front,
Preferring before people’s input could suggests bias if we are to be blunt,

The key to the option 2 argument is a subjective and flawed report,
That is why a balancing challenge is urgently sought,
Oh to not sit in traffic for wasted hours,
To walk on scarce green land, to smell fresh air and flowers

The next time you visit the Stokes field nature reserve or walk in the woods,
Remember it could the last time, before it is gone for good,
It is important to be heard, before it is too late,
Before EBC’S option 2 is waved through to seal your fate