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6 years 5 months ago #172 by Della Reynolds
Replied by Della Reynolds on topic Foodbanks
The use of foodbanks has doubled in Surrey in the last year. 30% use them due to changes in benefits - often sanctions and 20% due to low pay. At nearly every husting the issue of foodbanks was raised showing concern that increasing numbers are living in poverty in an affluent area.
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6 years 6 months ago #137 by Emberman
Foodbanks was created by Emberman
Iain Duncan Smith refuses to meet with food bank charity about poverty – then meets with investment bankers about it instead

The Trussell Trust, Britain's largest foodbank charity, which operates a number of foodbanks in Elmbridge, has been trying to arrange a meeting since 2013.

In a 2013 letter to the charity’s chairman Chris Mould, he criticised the “political messaging of your organisation”, which he alleged had “repeatedly sought to link the growth in your network to welfare reform”, the Observer newspaper reported at the time.

Almost 50% of referrals to food banks are because of the impact of welfare reform measures, according to statistics released by the charity.

The Trust, a Christian charity, has set up over 430 independent food banks staffed by 30,000 volunteers.