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The government has licensed our area for fracking

6 years 5 months ago - 6 years 5 months ago #167 by Della Reynolds
Replied by Della Reynolds on topic The government has licensed our area for fracking
My name is Della Reynolds and I am an independent candidate standing in Esher and Walton to hold our MP to account and restore social justice. I live in East Molesey and I have been contacted by a number of concerned residents about the issue of fracking in our area. I am personally opposed to fracking and would actively campaign on this issue. I was asked to put my reply onto this forum to inform other residents of the local situation. Please see below.

I am more than happy to sign the frack free promise and would like to thank you for taking the time to draw this to my attention. I am an independent candidate standing to hold our MP to account. I am aware that Dominic Raab is pro-fracking and he said at a meeting in Walton that there was now a 'proven safe method' to extract via fracking and that it would be foolish to leave these natural resources in the ground.

I challenged him on this statement, as it is too soon to say anything is either 'proven' or 'safe' and suggested instead that the government look at clean energy and restore the full subsidy to wind power which has proven to be very successful. I was supported on twitter by an environmentalist who agreed that we still have no way of knowing the damage caused by fracking.

I would like us to send a strong message to Westminster that here in Esher and Walton we are not being well represented by our MP who is in a safe Tory seat. He backs his party instead of backing his constituents and has voted against capping rail fares and for a badger cull despite publicly announcing he was campaigning on both. He is part of the party machine, unable to vote against the whip. I hope you will support me with your vote tomorrow and together we can make history happen.

Best wishes,

Della Reynolds
Independent Citizen Candidate
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6 years 5 months ago - 6 years 5 months ago #165 by Emberman


Hundreds of candidate MPs have already spoken out about the reckless dash for shale gas. And if more pledge to oppose it, the rest will come under pressure to do so too.

More than 1,100 prospective MPs have vowed to oppose plans to drill in their constituencies (but not our MP, Dominic Raab). Click on this link to tell him to oppose fracking in our constituency:
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