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New Coop supermarket

8 years 6 months ago - 8 years 6 months ago #302 by Emberman
Replied by Emberman on topic New Coop supermarket
Having made two visits, I think the Co-op will be a useful addition to local shops for local residents - easy parking (even on a busy day), good range of food including basics, wide range of bakery items, and some luxuries (eg Taylors' coffee), external cashpoint, and extended opening hours. The barred windows are not an attractive feature however - do they form part of the agreed planning permission?

But I hope Ditton Convenience and Martins on the other side of the Hampton Court Way aren't too much affected by the opening of the new Co-op. Access to their slip road could perhaps be improved, and the awkward height differential between the road and the pavement adjusted, to encourage these small local businesses ?
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8 years 7 months ago #300 by Captain Crunch
New Coop supermarket was created by Captain Crunch
Its nice to see that the former "Ewe" pub is now up and running as the new Coop. The fact that they have a free cashpoint is most helpful. I think the local planning team at the council have done quite well to make the coop keep its signage to a minimum. I have seen other former pubs turned into supermarkets where large windows have been clocked out by ugly large posters.

I do feel sorry for the small shops on the other side of the road. I do hope that their businesses remain viable.