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May Elections - Choosing a Police Commissioner

8 years 2 months ago #326 by LMac
Thank you for sharing this
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8 years 3 months ago #324 by rytheman
The May elections are nearly upon us.

The Residents' Association behind this website have mailshotted us to point out that we have three Xs to make on the salmon-coloured Elmbridge BC slip following the re-drawing of electoral wards. I think we know that the TDWGRA would like us to vote for their three candidates and, speaking personally, I would support voting Resident, but everyone should make up their own minds.

There is a second ballot for Police Commissioner following the first time these were elected in 2012. On this white ballot paper, you must record a first preference and may record a second. The incumbent, Kevin Barry Hurley, is standing for re-election along with six other candidates.
I have whiled away an hour or so trying to get information on the candidates so, having found it, I thought I would share it.

It came as a surprise to me to discover that there is a civil servant called the "Chief Executive, Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey". However, this level of bureaucracy appears embedded now and I think we should vote for someone we think could do the job. (No candidate is called "Gordon"). Not voting will not directly cut any waste.

Have a look at the link before you vote!

The personal statements are here: