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High St Clean

8 years 11 months ago #134 by LMac
Replied by LMac on topic High St Clean
I agree Keith, I have never understood why EBC does not do 'manual cleans'. This may be a good time to write to them to ask the question. I will have a go ...
8 years 11 months ago #133 by Keith
Replied by Keith on topic High St Clean
A manual clean once every two months would be more effective than a cursory 'machine clean' every two weeks - wherever there is a high density of parked cars, the machine driver simply skirts round them. Is there not scope in EBC's budget for that adjustment (i.e. fewer cursory machine cleans in exchange for less frequent manual ones?)

Manual cleans are also effective after leaf-fall, to help prevent surface water drains being blocked at the onset of wet winter. Machine cleans after leaf fall simply sweep and compress fallen leaves into the gulley grids.
8 years 11 months ago #131 by LMac
Replied by LMac on topic High St Clean
Thanks Tricia

The Special Clean went well and the High Street is looking v smart at the moment. It would be great if EBC can keep on top of it now,
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8 years 11 months ago #124 by TriciaWB
High St Clean was created by TriciaWB
EBC are organising a 'special cleanse' for TD High Street on Tuesday, 17 March. To enable the crew to do a proper Spring clean, all residents, shops and businesses who regularly park in the High Street are politely requested to park elsewhere on this day so the sweeper machines can ensure a proper brush and cleanse. EBC will be delivering leaflets and placing signs on lampposts to flag up the street clean in advance but if this affects you, put the date of 17 March in your diary and remember to park your car in the Ashley Road Car Park. Many thanks for your co-operation and for helping to keep TD High Street clean.