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9 years 6 months ago - 9 years 5 months ago #1 by Administrator
Forum Rules was created by Administrator
This forum is for the exchange of views, questions and stories by the residents of Weston Green and Thames Ditton, whether they are members of the Residents' Association or not. Views expressed here are those of the individuals who express them alone. Note: Contributors to the forum are required to be a member of the Residents' Association.

All are welcome here, except forum spammers or commercial advertisers. The quality, interest, taste and indeed humour of posts is very good for a forum of this nature. We ask you to keep it that way.

Anonymous posting by registered members is allowed and indeed we think that a measure of forum anonymity encourages people, especially those who may be shy, to write honestly about their views and concerns.

We do not want to impose censorship but posts that are regarded as illegal or go beyond the borders of offensiveness, or that contain indecent words, may subsequently be edited to remove offending text, or deleted.

If readers see things here that require remedial action please click on the link provided (only shown to those who are registered and logged in) to report the offending post to the moderator, or email the webmaster, and we will take appropriate action expeditiously.

Note: because of the ever-increasing number of spamming attempts, some IP ranges are banned. About 80 would-be spammers attempt to register for this forum each day, of which 60 are defeated by the ban list and the other 20 have to be briefly examined before deletion or, if they seem bona fide, acceptance.

If registered members travelling outside the UK find they cannot access this forum (e.g. from the Ukraine or China....) it is probably because there's a block on the internet provider they happen to be using. If there's a persistent problem, please email webmaster with details. To determine your IP address (which I will need to know) you can visit e.g. or type "what's my IP" into Google's search box.

Thank you, and enjoy the forum.
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