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From our Borough Councillor, Tricia W. Bland:


I’m going to be attending the fair with stalls from Thames Ditton Boomerang Bags and Thames Ditton Refill, as part of Elmbridge Borough Council’s - spearheaded by the Residents’ Group, and driven by our own RA - Single Use Plastic Action Plan to drastically reduce of single-use plastic in the Borough.

We in Thames Ditton are at the forefront of this: the first High Street in the UK to introduce Boomerang Bags made out of donated recycled fabric and the first High Street to get mass support for Refill - we now have nine Refill Stations, eight in the High Street plus Cafe Noir on Thames Ditton Station, giving out FREE tap water to all who request it.

It would be great if lots of people support this event.



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