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Emberbrook Health Centre LR400

Community Health Centre 

Planned Closure of Services 

CORRECTION   January, 2024 

We have learned that the closure of services at Emberbrook are not as extensive as described in the article below. It is in fact only appointments with the visiting cardiologist that are being cancelled and will be offered instead at Kingston Hospital. Diagnostic services, such as Echocardiograph and ECGs will continue to be provided at Emberbrook. Our apologies if the article has caused undue alarm.

It has come to our attention that patients at local GP practices have been informed that the consultant clinics and diagnostic services provided at Emberbrook Community Health Centre are to be closed and that in future patients would be seen at Kingston Hospital.

Such local services have been invaluable for residents in Molesey, Esher and the Dittons to receive more timely and convenient treatment than that provided at Kingston Hospital or other large hospital. 

The TD & WG Residents' Association deplores the pending loss of these services.  At the Association's recent Open Meeting the following unanimous resolution was passed:

"This meeting views with grave concern the proposals to close services at Emberbrook Community Health Centre which are a valued part of the local health service with lower waiting times and easier accessibility and parking than at Kingston or St George's Hospitals.

We ask the Residents' Association Executive to meet with Glenlyn and the local health service authorities to consider how to retain these services."