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Co op storeCo-op store on Hampton Court Way closed by fire just outside, on 22nd April.  

Local residents yesterday were alarmed to see thick smoke rising from the popular Co-op store. The fire however was just outside and didn’t damage merchandise in store, but compressors for the refrigeration units were destroyed. All staff and customers were safe. The store re-opened at 7am this morning (Thursday 23rd April).

However damage to the refrigerated goods was averted by the manager contacting the East Elmbridge Foodbank who deployed a volunteer to collect the food and take it to two locations where it could be refrigerated for use by the Foodbank.

RA councillor, Tannia Shipley, phoned the following day to thank the Co-op for their donation, and from this she found there was more food available - food that would not necessarily be suitable for the Foodbank. Elmbridge Council's Community Support Services then immediately sent a vehicle to collect the food (it had to be immediately collected to be usable).

Co Op food for MoWThanks to the generosity of the Co-op a much appreciated £3,000 of food was given to the Elmbridge Meals on Wheels service. Donations such as this, and those from other businesses, ensure that the Community Support Team are able to continue their valuable work keeping vulnerable residents fed whilst they are unable to leave their homes.

The damaged units may take some weeks to replace, but the manager is currently trying to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

Update: Another compressor has been located at a closed-down store, and after a few days of installation and testing, the refrigeration units should be ready to house food once more, from the afternoon of Saturday 2nd May.