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NCF logo 2023 photo winners

TD & WG Residents' Association 

Nature & Climate Festival 
Photography Competition 

Let’s celebrate our wonderful local environment by capturing it on camera!

Competition categories were:

  • Local animal life
  • Local plant life
  • Local surroundings
  • Open (open to non-residents and for photos beyond our borders taken by residents)
  • Under 18 (any category)
  • People’s choice (chosen at the exhibition)

And the winners are (click on images to enlarge):

Local Animal Life
Winner : Mary Anderson Ford (Three Cormorants)       Highly Commended: Susie Morgan (Dragonfly on bamboo)

03 Mary Anderson Ford Three cormorants LR

04 Susie Morgan Dragonfly on Bamboo LRLocal Plant Life
Winner: Judith Gracia (Seeking Recognition)       Highly Commended: Pat Cooke (Apple Pie Order)

01 Judith Garcia Seeking Recognition LR02 Pat Cooke Apple Pie Order LRLocal Surroundings
Winner: Geraldine Batchelor (Sunflower at the allotment)

05 Geraldine Batchelor Sunflower at the allotment LROpen                                              
Winner: Nigel Coates (Shy Pelican)
06 Nigel Coates Shy Pelican LR


Highly Commendeds: Emily Larcombe (Save the Bees)         Gill Coates (In Memoriam)

07 Emily Larcombe Save the Bees LR

08 Gill Coates In Memoriam LR

Under 18
Winner: Bella Day (Wild?)           Highly Commended: Millie Greeno (Mushrooms)
09 Bella Day Wild LR10 Millie Greeno Mushrooms LR

People’s Choice
Sarah Greeno (Deer in Bushy Park) 
11 Sarah Greeno Deer in Bushy Park LR