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Residents' Victory over Proposals to Carve-up Thames Ditton Ward. 

Thames Ditton & Weston Green Residents’ Association are celebrating their victory in overturning the Boundary Commission's proposal to carve up Thames Ditton ward and move 940 residents on the Thorkhill side of the Portsmouth Road into Long Ditton ward.

In the final recommendations published this week, the Boundary Commission completely reversed their original proposals. This was entirely the result of all our persuasive evidence on community identities.

They received 202 submissions relating to Thames Ditton - all objecting to the Commission’s draft proposals. They wrote "Evidence received clearly demonstrated that our draft proposals would not reflect community identities. We are persuaded by the compelling evidence received and have transferred the area back to Thames Ditton ward. The change will result in a variance of 16% fewer electors for Long Ditton ward. However we consider this variance is justified given the very strong evidence received to justify the transfer of this area to Thames Ditton ward".

This is a rare triumph for local democracy or, as local resident Carol Ross of Westville Road said, "Power to the people". It is reassuring - if surprising - that the Boundary Commission listened to local residents and acted accordingly.

We would like to thank everyone for all their support - writing letters, talking to and delivering letters to their neighbours, making posters, displaying posters ... which brought about this victory. Thames Ditton & Weston Green Residents' Association members and councillors are always grateful for the response of our residents in times of need.

Rhodri Richards – Chairman
Ruth Lyon, Karen Randolph, Tricia Bland – TD & WG Residents’ Association Councillors