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Surrey County Hall LRUpdate on Surrey County Council's
Unitary Authority Proposal

Surrey County Council's (SCC's) bid to form a county-wide Unitary Authority has been put on hold after Council Leader Tim Oliver was told, informally, that the Government will not be pushing for local government restructuring in the Devolution White Paper - due to be published in Autumn, but now postponed until the New Year or even later.

This issue has not gone away though, but will likely come up again at a date later than originally planned. So it is still important for residents to sign the RASSU petition (Residents Against a Single Surrey Unitary) to show the strength of opposition to SCC's proposed mega-council and the consequent loss of local democracy.  A minimum of 10,000 signatures is being aimed for in the petition.

The RA Group of Councillors at SCC is putting forward a Motion on the Unitary Authority issue, and this will be debated at the next Council meeting on Tuesday 13 October.

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