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Elmbridge allotment holders were celebrating victory last night after Elmbridge Council backed down over imposing 5-year leases instead of the previous 25 years on their allotment associations. This would have seriously affected the viability of the allotments and was seen as a threat leading to possible sale of the allotments for building.

Ann Bailey from Beauchamp Road allotments said “a huge thank you to Residents’ Association councillors Ruth Lyon, Stuart Selleck and Nigel Haig-Brown who led the fight”.

Conservative Elmbridge Council sent letters on 11th March to allotment associations giving only two weeks notice prior to the leases’ renewal. This action was taken on behalf of the Conservative-run council without it going to any committee or the cabinet.

The allotments  affected are Lynwood Road in Hinchley Wood, Beauchamp Road and Green Lane in Molesey, and Claygate & Walton allotments. As a result of the protest by Residents' councillors, these and all the other 11 allotment associations in the borough will now be offered exactly the same 25-year leases on the same terms as at present.

Cllr Ruth Lyon