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Elmbridge Borough Election, 5th May 2016  -  Polling Station Changes
The polling station for many residents in Thames Ditton and Weston Green has changed
, even for those who have remained in the same ward following the Boundary Commission review.  Your station is indicated on your poll card, so be sure to check it before setting off to vote.  Polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm on polling day.

If you have received a postal ballot and have not yet returned it, you may do so at your polling station.
But if you have a postal ballot, you can only vote using that postal ballot.

If you have lost your poll card, then the road lists below will show your polling station.  You can vote without your polling card, but it speeds up the process if you take it with you.  A polling station location map can be seen at :

Thames Ditton     (Ward Boundary Map)

If you live in one of the following roads (CA polling district), your polling station has been moved to :-
Thames Ditton Centre for the Community, Mercer Close, Thames Ditton, KT7 0BS :-
Alexandra Road; Aragon Avenue; Ashdown Place; Ashley Road; Atwell Place; Basing Close; Basingfield Road; Basing Way; Boyle Farm Road; Burtenshaw Road; Camm Gardens; Church Lane; Church Walk; College Drive; Denleigh Gardens; Elsworthy; Embercourt Road (odd Nos. 1-31, even Nos. 2-44); Ennismore Gardens; Fitzgerald Road; Giggs Hill Road; Harvest Lane; Hayward Road; High Street; Home Farm Close; The Island; Kings Close; Kings Drive; Leaf Close; Linden Close; Longmead Road; Mercer Close; Old School Square; Portsmouth Avenue; Portsmouth Road (KT7 0SS, 0TF, 0TG, 0TQ); Queens Drive; Queens Road; Raphael Drive; Read Close; River Avenue; River Bank; Riversdale Road; St. Leonard's Road; St. Nicholas Road; Savile Close; Speer Road; Station Road (KT7); Sterry Drive; Summer Crossing; Summer Road (KT7); Thistledene; Warwick Gardens; Warwick Road; Watts Road; Weston Green; Weston Green Road (KT7 0JD, 0HX, 0HY); Wolsey Avenue.
If you live in one of the following roads (CB polling district), your polling station is :-
Long Ditton Village Hall, 2 Ewell Road, Long Ditton, KT6 5LE :-
Angel Road (odd Nos 1-63, even Nos. 24-92); Claygate Lane (odd Nos. 1-19); Giggs Hill Gardens; Gloucester Close; Oakdene Avenue; Portsmouth Road (KT7 0EG, 0EN, 0EP, 0SY, 0TB, 0TE, 0TX, 0XA); Quinton Road; Southville Road; Thorkhill Gardens; Mount Holme; Rythe Bank Close; Thorkhill Road (odd Nos. 97-155, even Nos. 4-134); Westville Road.
If you live in one of the following roads (CC polling district), your polling station is now :-
Imber Court, Ember Lane, East Molesey, KT8 0BT :-
Alders Grove; Bridge Gardens; Bridge Road (KT8 9HF, 9HL, 9HN, 9HW, 9HS); Broadfields; Cedar Close; Cedar Road; Ember Farm Avenue; Ember Farm Way; Ember Lane (odd Nos. 179-207, even Nos.178-214 + Petersham Hse); Esher Road; Hampton Court Parade; Hampton Court Way (KT8 9AA, 9AD); Jasmine Way; Molember Road; Oarsman Place; Orchard Lane; Queens Reach; Riverside Avenue; Southfields; Summer Avenue; Summer Gardens; Summer Road (KT8).

Weston Green      (Ward Boundary Map)

If you live in one of the following roads (DA & DD polling districts), your polling station has been moved to :-
All Saints Weston Green, Chestnut Avenue, Esher, KT10 8JL :-
Blair Avenue;  Carleton Close;  Cranbrook Drive;  Cranleigh Road;  Douglas Road;  Ember Lane (odd Nos.1-81, even Nos. 2-56);  Grove End Lane;  Grove Way;  Imber Close;  Imber Grove;  Imber Park Road;  Lower Green Road (odd Nos. 1-33, even Nos. 2-56;  Oaklands Avenue;  Orchard Gate;  Parkwood Avenue;  Pound Farm Close;  Sandon Close;  The Drive;  The Woodlands;  Woodend.
If you live in one of the following roads (DB polling district), your polling station is :-
Our Lady of Lourdes RC Church Hall, Hampton Court Way, Thames Ditton,  KT7 0LP :-
Alma Road;  Chestnut Avenue;  Elm Tree Avenue;  Ember Gardens;  Ember Lane (odd Nos.83-177, even Nos. 58-176);  Embercourt Road (odd Nos. 33-57, even Nos. 46-70);  Gainsborough Close;  Hampton Court Way (KT7 0JW, 0LP, 0LR, 0LS, 0LT, 0LU, 0LX);  Houston Place;  Lime Tree Avenue;  Newlands Avenue;  Onslow Close; Onslow Gardens; Onslow Way;  Weston Avenue;  Weston Green;  Weston Green Road (KT7 0JG, 0JL, 0JN, 0LA; KT10 8JP, 8JS);  Weston Park;  Weston Park Close;  Weston Road;  Woodside Avenue.