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Crown Pub site

2 years 10 months ago #132 by LMac
We had a meal at the new Thai restaurant 'Maisie' last weekend (I think it was the second weekend it was open). The food was excellent. The service was a little slow but pleasant; they were packed so I think they are finding their feet re staffing. Husband says 'best Thai meal in a long time'. Already planning next visit.
2 years 11 months ago #108 by tdres
Personal and premises licences are separate. I don’t know if premises licences continue on to new owners, but it would certainly set a precedent.

I’m not really sure where conscientiousness comes into it, though. People would still be leaving the premises in the early hours and that is when noise nuisance would be most likely to occur and could be very disruptive to nearby residents. I have no knowledge of the new owners and have no reason to doubt their good intentions, but even the most conscientious of owners cannot ensure that customers leave silently or quieten the banging of car doors.

As this is a restaurant rather than a bar, the hours do appear excessively late to me. Do people really eat out that late or is there intended to be a ‘bar only’ element too? Or am I just getting old?
2 years 11 months ago #107 by Badger
Do you happen to know if the licence would be exclusive to the business or to the venue? i.e. if someone else less conscientious were to take over the Crown in the future would they still be able to operate the extended opening hours?

I wish Maisie every success and if the job they have done on the refurbishment is anything to go by they will be a great asset to the village.
2 years 11 months ago #104 by tdres
A licence application has now been submitted for this, a Thai restaurant called 'Maisie'

The opening hours look a bit excessive for a residential area to me - till 1am Fri/Sat, 11.30pm Sun, midnight other nights.
The alcohol licence is also for sales for consumption on or off the premises.

The application summary can be downloaded here: www.elmbridge.gov.uk/documents/detail.htm?pk_document=5257
If you want to make a representation against it, it can be done via an online form before 26th March and the process is here: www.elmbridge.gov.uk/envhealth/lic/objecting.htm

That said, wishing it well and hoping it is a good addition to the TD eatery portfolio!
3 years 4 weeks ago #68 by collins
when does this restaurant open, it looks close?
3 years 1 month ago #32 by Badger
Happy New Year all!

I had a good long chat with the new owner last month and was really impressed. As Craig says, it will be reopening as a Thai restaurant.

They already have a similar restaurant in Covent Garden and are looking forward to investing the savings on ground rent here into high quality fresh ingredients.

There will be a bar area focusing more on cocktails rather than compete with the nearby pubs on beer.

They are very keen to integrate and work with the local community and avoid the mistakes of the last lot.

They are refurbishing from scratch as the work done before was a bodge job. He mentioned they were keen to try and reinstate some of the original features that were removed such as fireplaces and the bar. If anyone has any photos of what it used to look like inside they would really appreciate seeing them.
3 years 1 month ago #30 by craigvmax
To be fair James lost his chef almost immediately and whilst a pretty cracking chef and a lovely chap it just never took off. I had probably the best sunday roast I've had anywhere in the village there. Ba Siam shot themselves in the foot with the whole pergola thing so were always fighting a losing battle with public support.

I understand it's another Thai restaurant who hope to open end of Jan/feb. Be nice to see something successful there.
3 years 1 month ago #28 by nunki
Wild Garlic Ltd was about 3 incarnations ago - run by a nice guy called James but he was forever changing the menu/style and constantly ran out of wine.
Hopefully the new owners will do better - it will be good to see the site operating again.
3 years 1 month ago - 3 years 1 month ago #23 by rudi
I looked online and there are no planning applications but i did find something for 'The Gallery' formerly known as 'The Crown'. Now, we have been here in TD for 5 years and the pub has been several different iterations in that time, but as far as we can recall never The Gallery?? The article says it is owned by The Wild Garlic Restaurant Limited. Anyway link below, if anyone can shed any light if this is an old article then we can put that avenue of investigation to bed! :)
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3 years 1 month ago #18 by Cuboid
Looks like there is some activity taking place at the old Crown pub site - some internal refurb seems to be underway - anyone got any ideas what is in store for us??