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Elmbridge Borough Election, 5th May 2016:  Manifesto - Thames Ditton Ward
Three candidates for your three votes

Karen Randolph, Ruth Lyon and Tricia W. Bland are experienced and effective councillors, and we are fortunate to have them as Residents' Association candidates for this election.  As always, they will work tirelessly in the interests of our local communities, and they look forward to representing all residents in the ward.

Why you should vote for Residents' Association Councillors

  • Residents' Association councillors live locally and care for their community, working solely for its interests, and are not influenced by national party politics.
  • RA councillors keep in contact with you through bi-monthly open meetings, social events, dedicated website and Thames Ditton Today delivered to every household.
  • RA councillors' extensive representation on the council gives them a voice and real influence in protecting and enhancing our community's amenities and environment.
  • RA councillors are the most effective and hard-working in the council. They get things done!

Our Priorities


  • Fight to protect our Green Belt and playing fields, unlike the political parties who often vote to build on them


  • Support residents' objections to over-development. Resist inappropriate development on the flood plain. Actively support retention of shops and restaurants to maintain our vibrant retail community


  • Promote schemes like the successful free short-term parking in the High Street in support of residents and businesses. Continue to protect our village car park from encroachment by developers


  • Continue to support and enhance services in local centres - for the elderly in Thames Ditton Centre, the arts in Vera Fletcher Hall, and diagnostic medical services at the Emberbrook Centre


  • Press for better council services for removal of litter, fly-tipping and graffiti, and improved grass cutting


  • Continue to press Surrey County Council to improve the poor state and unsatisfactory drainage of our roads

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