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Elmbridge Borough Election, 5th May 2016  -  New Ward Boundaries

The 2015 Boundary Commission review of Elmbridge Borough, requested by the Conservative-run council, has resulted in the number of wards being reduced from 22 to 16, each ward to be represented by three councillors.  The number of councillors will therefore drop from 60 to 48.

Thames Ditton
Thames Ditton ward has been expanded to include the area west of Hampton Court Way and north of Embercourt Road.  Up to now this has been part of Molesey East ward.  So we welcome the 1500 electors of this area to their new ward.

                                      Manifesto - Thames Ditton

Hinchley Wood & Weston Green
Weston Green ward has been merged with Hinchley Wood ward, and also has two additional roads included in the west (Blair Avenue & Douglas Road).  Weston Green now contains 45% of the new ward's electors, and Hinchley Wood 55%.

                       Manifesto - Hinchley Wood & Weston Green

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